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Human potential development – need and scope

Few statistics on future workplace

  • 75% of the current world wealth creation is by human capital development and will continue the same way.
  • In ten years, knowledge will double every year.
  • 25% of the work in can be done by anyone, anywhere in other countries.
  • The most critical challenge for countries is developing a competitive workforce - development of high performance organisations.
  • Churning economy – every year a third of all jobs are in flux.
  • Skill shortages – during the economic downturn skill shortages continued in many industries and still do today.
  • Diverse workforce – new challenges and opportunities due to smart machines
  • High productivity – slow job growth
  • Outsourcing of jobs – puts a premium on innovation and skills

The dawn of 21st century has brought in several opportunities globally, many of them flourished in the past decade due to technological developments and resulted in today’s lifestyle. In spite of so much work that has gone into the technology and business process areas leading to ease of use and availability of resources, very little has been done in the area of Human Potential Development. Due to this reason, we’re seeing a scarcity in bringing out innovative thoughts that can bring in efficiency in operations of these businesses Human Potential Development will be the basic building blocks of Academic, Institution and Corporate as economic drivers for 21st century.

The future workplace demands leaders, not managers. Leaders who has vision, values, power, risk seeking and creating. Leaders potential needs to be unleashed. This is the challenge for the preachers, teachers and trainers.

Life, Mostly, is about “You vs You”

You might have always wondered why some people are successful while others are, not?
Why some people, day to day, are happier, more productive, more fulfilled than others?
What makes the difference?
What goes wrong?
What holds some of us back?
What is the wall that stands between us and our achievement of goals?
Why is it that some people recognize opportunities and other do not?

The bottom line of success can be measured in seven critical areas of life - Happiness, Health, Finance, Emotional Security, quality of relationship, sense of hope and overall peace of mind.

Life is mostly about ”You vs You” . How you understand, manage and recreate yourself with your own beliefs, values, habits, attitudes, skills, perception and emotional index. Self development is about the identification of a project, a goal or an idea, or just a way of being or how you can make a difference - in so doing you can transform yourself and a piece of the world along with it.

"Inherently each one of us have the substance within to achieve whatever our goals and dreams define. What is missing from each of us is the training, education, knowledge and insight to use what we already have. " ~Mark Twain

Unrealized potential makes a person a “Human Bonsai”

Bonsai are trees and plants in containers. This art form is derived from an ancient Chinese horticulture practice, part of which was then developed under the influence of Japanese to Buddhism.

These miniature trees are no different than any other tree-left on their own they would grow into full sized but rather than being allowed to reach their fullest size, Bonsai trees are planted in miniature pots, their roots are stunted and their branches are pruned incessantly as a result the Bonsai trees never grow to their fullest potential.

Yet this tragedy pales in comparison to a similar tragedy that plays out in so many ways in our lives on a daily basis. We are designed to accomplish great things. Our lives are unique and perfectly prepared to become something special. We are called to make significant difference in the world and lives of those around us, but far too often our growth in physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual aspects is stunted.

Cutting, pruning and stunting of powerful trees makes them a bonsai but as far as human are concerned we do different types of cutting and pruning and stunt ourselves by our own making like by our destructive habits, our erroneous perception and beliefs, poor value systems. One of the greatest limitation we impose on ourselves is creating our own erroneous perception and act on that perception.

We dilute our mental and physical capabilities to become a “Bonsai” by our own learned thinking, doing and practicing things that diminishes our abilities, talent and knowledge.

The powerful elephant is “Trained” to be powerless.

The elephant is held back not by the puny rope but by its belief system. So are we!

Unrealized potential is wasted potential.

In the human body a muscle that is not put to work will entropy and die - say for example if your hand is not used for a long period it will eventually lose its capacity to work and wither away. Nature says use it or lose it. It is same with the potential - either you use it or lose it

The Metamorphosis - The Most Dramatic Change in Nature!

"There is nothing in a
caterpillar that says it is
going to be a butterfly"

Buckminister Fuller

"The mental metamorphosis
in human being is far more
profound and dramatic"

MV Gopinath

It is not where you came from - It is where you are going that counts. ~Ella Fitzgerad

Three Reasons Why Most People Do Not Realise Their Potential

Today millions of people live their life far below their potential. Their potential seems limitless yet they just can’t generate enough motivation / will to get off the ground. These are unhappy people and they under perform both in their own life and at their work place. The organizations that employ them consequently under perform. The recent survey shows that less than 30% people really operate at their optimum potential. If translated into dollars terms this wasted potential could cost billions of dollars.

Why it is so hard for people to actualize their potential?

There are many reasons-they waste their time on apparently fruitless and meaning less short time gratifying activities, the fear of stepping out of their comfort zone, they prioritize unproductive / destructive behaviours over responsibilities in their lives-no matter how much suffering these behaviours and attitudes cause. They neither believe that they can actualize their potential nor they have the knowledge or know how to bring about change in their thought process and action

Not Knowing - Lack of Knowledge - Need to communicate the what, why, how, when, who etc

Not Able - Lack of Ability - Educate and train in new skills, techniques and so on

Not Willing - Lack of Motivation - Set Goals, Measure, provide coaching and feedback, reward and recognize.

You can Change - It is a Choice

MV Gopinath’s empowerment programmes are aimed at actualising the potential. This programmes are the result of highly researched, tested and applied for over 30 years. It is culmination of personal experience, life observations, from thousands of books from thinkers, successful people and motivational gurus.

These programmes are inspirational and transformational that triggers the process of change from “inside-out” and help/guide the participants - to acquire new understanding, new insight, new paradigm about themselves, their work/career and their relationships. It is practical-related to work day issues and situations experienced by professionals, businessmen, heads of organisations, executives, entrepreneurs, students, parents etc

The objectives of the programme are

  • To find meaning, value and satisfaction in life.
  • Bring to fore the quest to create value, wealth and better future against all odds.
  • Shape and improve one’s own performance.
  • Using the tools, techniques, concepts, models and ideas that is easy to learn, absorb and practice to enhance their ability to encounter life’s situations as it unfolds.
  • Helps to unlearn the destructive habits, thoughts and activities and replace with productive ones.
  • To bring out the best in them focusing on their true potential

The Methodology

Though the main methodology is presentation and lecture from the presenter, the emphasis is on the experiential learning through individual / group activities and interactive sessions that elicits the thoughts, attitude and approach to life of the participants.

Heros are ordinary people who makes themselves extra-ordinary ~Gerard Way

Are you a victim or Winner?

How you look at the world and how you see yourself in the world - determines how you act in the world. - in your own world of profession, home, society or with the way you deal with yourself.

you want to change things, you want to be more happy and peace with yourself.

The question is HOW ?

Personal development is the conscious pursuit of personal growth by expanding self awareness, knowledge and improving personal skills. These skills include my mind, my body, my spirit and apply them to raise my level of success in all areas of my life. Life is just better when we have done work on ourselves that improves our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual aspects of our life.

You must have basic motivation to improve your life. It is either coming from inspiration that you are looking to better what you already are or it comes out of desperation that is something unpleasant that challenges you to change and grow.

All you have to do is

Step 1 - Decide what you want
Step 2 - Believe in yourself
Step 3 - Believe you deserve it
Step 4 - Practice the success principles.